Using  the highest quality ingredients, we deliver 

products that are naturally sweet, exploding with flavour and rich in 

antioxidants with high anti-aging properties. 

Our Story

On one of many family trips to the Cederberg, Andre Strydom was struck by inspiration to combine dried fruits and Rooibos,creating an extraordinary product.



Made with unique combinations of unsulphured dried fruit, water and Rooibos. An alternative to conventional canned fruit. Can be served with yoghurt, ice cream or custard.


Showcasing the Sourfig 

(Carpobrotus Edulis), indigenous to the Western Cape Province, South Africa, it grows wild and has been consumed by the local inhabitants for centuries. Sweet, sour and salty to the taste, it is rich in antioxidants and fibre.


A fruity twist on standard savoury Tapenades. The perfect 

accompaniment to crusty bread, crackers and pasta dishes.


An alternative to sugar and 

flavourants in baking and cooking. Can be used in a variety of dishes from roasts to desserts and can be fed to infants and young children.


Assorted unsulphured dried fruits are blended with Rooibos tea and bottled. Ideal as a  replacement for sugar-rich ‘jam’. Can be served on toast, scones and pancakes.



Ganief Niefie Elloker

“I replaced sweetened yoghurt with RedBushed fruit and plain yogurt adding additional Fruit Spread variations as my healthy alternative breakfast.”


“'I'm sugar free and have been missing a jam type thing and this is awesome and yummy! I use it as a condiment in savoury meals too (where I used to use chutney) as it crosses the sweet/savoury line. It's sugar free so don't be expecting as sweet as jam but on a sugar free diet I find those too sweet now and this brings me full plummy sweetness that I'm loving. Will definitely get again, my jar is already half full and I've only had this a week!”

Kyle Benjamin 

“Good quality and extremely delicious, and to top it all off its healthy. Thank you Redbushed fruit”


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