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The iced tea range is the best. A tasty refreshing drink.
Love the stuff


I never liked plain yoghurt but two years ago I was introduced to Redbushed products - fruit preserves added to plain yogurt, iced teas and spreads that set me on the path of healthy eating whilst giving my body the nutrients it deserves.

Redbushed ice teas are refreshing with flavours that provides a unique taste.


RedBushed has become a way of life for me; not only for it’s unique two-ingredient nutritional benefit, but also the delicious taste.

The iced teas are deliciously refreshing as a chilled beverage. I heat and drink the ginger & lemon variant when feeling ill.

Karie C.

If you are looking for a brand of products that are clean, delicious, healthy and bursting with versatility, then look no more.

The value RedBushed products will add to your life and culinary experience is immense.


Love the products. Can't stop eating it . 

5/5. I love the taste as is


I simply love the whole RedBushed range, but I think my toddlers love it even more. They drink the iced-teas almost everyday!


Definitly the raspberry iced-tea for me. I drink it at anytime of the day, by far my best summer drink


Have it your way

Get Creative

Mix some fruit spread or fruit preserve into your toddler’s yoghurt to create a new berry burst or strawberrychoc flavour…
Warning: keep a few jars just in case their friends come over.

Bake Up a Storm

Try one of our fruit spreads... perfect on a scone, muffin, or rye loaf.

Just One Sip

Create a delicious aromatic iced-tea blend, perfect for those hot summer poolside days...

Guaranteed to be a huge hit with your friends and family every single time.

Don’t delay, come on over to our RedBushed Online Store today and enjoy our wide range of products to suit your healthy lifestyle.

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