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About RedBushed Blogs

At RedBushed, our philosophy is that as consumers, we need to be aware of what we feed our bodies, because what we eat we become i.e. eat a clean, natural, wholefood-based diet and the chances of leading a long and healthy life are greatly increased. Contrary to this, a diet consisting of ultra processed foods, made using chemical additives and refined/artificial sugars will most likely contribute to a lifetime of chronic illness.

So the focus of our blogs will, in the main, be about our relationship to food and the consequences of our choices. We will endeavour to do this as simply as possible ie in layman's terms, utilizing the acronym GACK  -  "Generally Accepted Current Knowledge".

This means that we will use/quote facts that have been previously scientifically validated, without having to overly refer to the scientific details e.g. 'smoking damages your lungs' or 'too much refined sugar in the diet contributes to obesity and type 2 diabetes'.