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A Little Bit About You

You’re bombarded, overwhelmed even harassed every day by messages from the news, social media, research even
well-meaning friends about…

“Eat this!”
“No don’t eat that!"
“No rather eat this”
"But why are you eating that?"

Isn’t it tiring? Don’t you just want a simple straight-forward answer?
Why must eating be so complicated?
That is why we’ve created a simple, delicious and very nutritious product just for you.
Only two ingredients, to enjoy...
How you want it, whenever you want it, with whomever you want to share it with

  • No guilt
  • No Fear
  • Definitely no anxiety

Enjoy it your way!


A Little Bit About Us


Hi I'm Andre  

I would like to share with you my amazing RedBushed story, let's go back 14 years ago, to where it all began... 
It was another hot summer's day in the wild, rugged and captivating Cederberg Wilderness area.
And while hiking with my family through the majestic Cederberg mountains,
we happened to stumble upon a beautiful rooibos plantation (interesting fact, the Cederberg is the only region in the world where rooibos grows)

I felt a bit hungry, so I decided to snack on some dried fruit, of course not forgetting to wash it down with the region’s signature drink...rooibos tea. Suddenly a bolt of inspiration shot through my mind...
"Hang on! what if I combine fruit & rooibos tea together...what would that taste like?”

The months that followed were probably something out of a Mary Shelly novel...or at least that's what my family would tell you. Like a mad scientist, I forged ahead, mixing and matching, concocting and brewing, my poor family had to taste everything, until…Eureka! 

The perfect patented process of combining fruit and organic green rooibos matcha tea was born. Our two-ingredient formula…a “match made in heaven”, formed the basis for our entire product range
...but that was just the beginning.

I wanted to create a naturally sweetened fruit spread that would knock the socks off traditional sweetened jams. Enter my poor family…and taste testing begins once again, until…the humble raisin popped in for a short visit…and later stayed to become part of the secret recipe family. 
Why use raisin?
It has a neutral sweetness, but with huge health benefits.

You'd think that this would be the end of our story…but oh no, not even close.
Summer was fast approaching (again) and my mind was swimming with another idea…
“Is it possible to create a delicious family beverage, that can be enjoyed by everyone?”
As you already know, it can be quite tricky finding a healthy ice-cold drink to go with your “summer beach bod”
But here at RedBushed…anything is possible!

We crafted our “RedBushed iced-tea range"...A WORLD FIRST!
A Proudly100% Locally Made South African Product! 
No's one of a kind. 
Look, I know these are bold claims, but we enjoy challenges, it keeps us
growing, innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for “future foods”
Go on, be the first to try it!
Oh yes, before I go, please head over to our social media pages or send me an email.
I’m looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and experiences with your RedBushed products

Thank you for all your support and don’t forget to check out our RedBushed Online Store today
Bye for now.