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Are RedBushed Products Vegan Friendly?

All RedBushed ingredients are 100% plant-based.

What's the shelf life of RedBushed products?

Unopened products in jars have a 12-month shelf life. Once opened, please refrigerate and consume within 4 weeks.

Unopened iced teas have a 6 month shelf life in a cool place. Once opened, please keep refrigerated. Fermentation may occur due to the absence of preservatives.

Are RedBushed products safe for children to consume?

RedBushed products are completely natural and safe for children
However, should children have allergies, it is recommended that parents refer to the label for ingredients and nutritional values.

Are RedBushed products safe for perons with diabetes?

We are not qualified to provide medical opinion. However, it is considered a safer product to consume based on 100% natural ingredients being used.

How are RedBushed Products Sweetened if it's "free of sugar"?

The 'free of sugar' assurance refers to refined or processed sugars. The sugars/sucrose in the fruit naturally sweetens our products.

What's the difference between RedBushed fruit spreads and conventional jam?

RedBushed products undergo an efficient process which involves no cooking and which preserves most of the nutrition of the fruit. The process has been patented in South Africa.

RedBushed uses combinations of fruit to develop a naturally sweetened taste. The absence of artificial sweeteners enhances the natural fruitiness of our products.

How much fruit spread or fruit preserve can I use in my cooking?

This will depend on how sweet you'd like your food to be. We suggest tasting the product before using it to determine it's sweetness level.

What's the difference between raw honey and vegan hunny?

Raw honey is manufactured by bees. RedBushed Vegan Hunny is made using raisins and rooibos tea. The texture is fibrous & liquidy, unlike honey which is thick and clear.

What is the RedBushed carbon footprint? 

RedBushed products undergo a carbon-efficient process. Minimum electricity & gas is used because the products are not cooked for long periods. All products are presented in recyclable glass jars and bottles.